Lightworker Circles

There will be 12 monthly Lightworker Circles are intended to help assist Lightworkers in moving forward on their path of bringing their magick into the Earth. 

Compassionate Healing Circle

Compassionate Healing Circles are spaces where we can come together and spend an deeply nourishing evening together to pause, reflect and be nourished together.

  • Meditation and discussion on the theme of the week through the Gene Keys
  • Poetry contemplation and sharing
  • Dyad Work- Practices in presence and authentic relating
  • Kirtan- Mantra Meditation
  • Group energy work circle
  • Sound Healing

Compassionate Healing Circle


Healing the Mother Wound

Saturday, February 25 th, 2023

from 1-4PM PST at Open Door Yoga on Commercial Drive

Join us in community to explore the ways in which our connection with our mothers affects our relationship to life and all that it has to offer us- including the richness of our relationships with others, the earth, abundance and many more aspects of our lives. 

In sacred space, we will be illuminating behaviors and thought patterns that are being carried down the maternal lineage that are preventing us from moving forward in our lives with an open heart.

Come with all of who you are to experience…

  • Ancestral healing invocation and meditation
  • Mother wound wisdom sharing
  • Family Constellations process
  • Honoring and healing of our Ancestral lineage
  • Illumination of limiting subconscious patterns
  • Healing in tribe, in a safe and tender space
  • Being human together and sharing breath, tears and laughter 

Healing the Mother Wound


Ancestral Healing with Family Constellations

Holistic Package
  • Intake Session (60 Mins)
  • Meditation/ Reasonant Language/Breaking Unconscious patterns through time travel (This process is usually a constellation in and of itself)
  • One group constellation (online/in-person)
  • Gene Keys insights
  • Intuitive Oracle card pull
  • Altar Constellation to help support the healing movements that you are inviting forward
  • Integration call (30 Mins)

Holistic Package


Focused Constellation
  • Intake Session (60 Mins)
  • One group constellation (online/in-person)
  • Gene Keys insights
  • Integration Call (30 Mins)

Focused Constellation


Intuitive One-On-One Healing Sessions

60 Minute Sessions (In Person or on Zoom) ($160 per session)

In these one-one-one sessions, we will be going through a gentle conversation about a situation that is dear to your Heart. This can be anything from Spritual phenomena that you are experiencing, energetic blockages or physical ailments.

Intuitive One-On-One Healing Sessions


Desire Mapping by Danielle Laporte

coming soon!