Lightworker Circles


I am anticipating the emergence of the following themes and more:

  • Questing/ Visioning your intention into the New Year- Birthing our Joy into creation
  • Starseed Constellations- Healing the Cosmic Separation
  • Archetypes and Constellations- Is there an archetype playing out in your life? Come join us to explore different archetypes and how they can be of help on your journey such as the Tarot Archetypes, Planets, Gene Keys, I Ching, Dreamworking and many more rhythms of life
  • The Stillpoint: Honoring our past and paving our way forward
  • The Art of Allowing: Relationship to receiving
  • Weaving shadows and light: Shadow Work Constellation
  • Journey to Discover Your Rhythm and Original Point of Being & Heartwork
  • Past Life Healer Healing
  • Your Emergence: Systems to Support Sustainable Growth
  • Soulful Strategy with Your Ancestors and Guides
  • Death, Money, the Mother Wound, and Heartwork
  • Am I good to hold the Lightworker Torch? Being Seen/ Being Heard


January 26th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PSTJuly 27th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PST
February 23th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PSTAugust 24th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PST
March 30th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PSTSeptember 28th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PST
April 27th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PSTOctober 26th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PST
May 5th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PSTNovember 23rd, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PST
June 29th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PSTDecember 28th, 2023- 5:30PM-8PM PST

Online through Zoom. Circles will be held by heart based contributions. This circle is limited to 12 spots. Spots will be reserved and further details will be provided as donations are received. Please click on the link below for the heart based contribution and fill out the forrm to register. Looking forward to holding you in circle!